LP3 provides expert services across land, property, planning, and project management for clients in the renewables sector throughout Ireland.


LP3 specialises in the acquisition of target lands for renewable energy projects. We have extensive experience in sourcing, initiating contact, building relationships, conducting negotiations and project managing all stages of securing project lands, including working with solicitors.

LP3 conducts straight talking, honest, professional, and respectful consultation with landowners throughout the development process.

LP3 can manage entire landowner portfolios on behalf of developers, forging relationships and creating a forum for communication throughout the development project development process.

The company will manage entire landowner portfolios on behalf of developers, forging long-standing relationships and creating a forum for communication throughout the project development process.


LP3 provide independent real estate and advisory services to our clients in both the residential and commercial property sectors. We advise our clients on the disposal, acquisition and/or leasing of all types of properties. We have broad experience in acting on behalf of both private and institutional investors who are interested in acquiring or disposing of properties in the Irish market.

We also provide a wide range of professional services including but not limited to lease renewals, rent reviews, asset management services and professional valuations. LP3 Directors have in the past worked within a number of reputable property agencies where they had exposure to a wide range of property portfolios.

We provide professional, independent, and expert advice to our clients.


 LP3  provides planning application services for renewables projects. Ireland’s planning system is quite complex by comparison, and LP3 can assist developers with navigating the various requirements for completion of successful planning applications.

Project Management (for renewables)

LP3 have significant project management experience of large-scale renewables development projects and can provide additional capacity to conduct multiple stakeholder co-ordination whilst also undertaking the management of risk throughout the development process.

Managing risk is not just about noting what could happen but removing barriers before they present, such that a project can make progress.

LP3 works to implement improved project management practices for single projects or development portfolios, asking the pertinent questions with the correct stakeholders to see forward movement.

LP3 works with multiple stakeholders, becoming involved for and adapting to the needs of the project, for any phase or task. The service can be applied to a wide ranging number of tasks for any renewables project, for example conducting due diligence reviews, erecting met masts, procuring third party suppliers, developing project programmes, or driving projects from one development phase to another.